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Are you looking for staff at MBO level? Personnel already qualified for the job interview? Then PlaytoWork is for you!

In our growing database of 60.000 MBO students, we know the soft skills of our candidates in addition to hard skills. PlaytoWork can predict their behavior and competences because they have all played our games.

They find a job and gain new self-insight. PlaytoWork can make better matches because we know their true potential. This way you not only get more matches to your vacancy, but also qualitatively better matches.

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Game yourself

for a job

PlaytoWork is a soft skill-based matching tool that gives young people insight into 'who they are' by playing gamified assessments.

This enables us to match them intelligently with suitable employers. And to help you as a recruiter deliver 'what your hiring managers ask for: good, motivated MBO students who are nowhere more at home than in the position you have for them.

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Online intake

Your search assignment still visible to 60.000 job seekers today?

Looking for new staff? Staff that really suits your company? After the online intake and a soft skill check of your company, your vacancy will immediately be visible in our app.

With Play & Learn we discover within two to four weeks which profiles match your search and how great the potential is. With this information we make the PlaytoWork Scorecard. A PlaytoWork consultant will visit you to discuss the Scorecard and which tactics we use to solve your challenge.

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Abderrazak Harrouch (20):

"You get to know yourself better through this game."

Abderrazak: 'Don't be afraid to make the wrong choice. You don't know what a job is like if you haven't tried it. I never thought about the transport world. But now work as a courier, learn new things and I am gaining work experience. '

Read the entire article on worksheet magazine (UWV)

Abderrazak Harrouch

Insight into the target audience

'A motivation letter and CV are outdated'

serious games are mini-assessments that take 5-8 minutes of play time. Candidates who play them on their mobile reveal their soft skills in a playful way.

After three games there is already a first profile. The more a candidate plays, the more reliable it becomes. Already more than 60 different games can be played in the PlaytoWork app. Which together provide a more complete picture of candidates than the most expensive traditional assessment.

But then… for a fraction of the cost…

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