Apply online? We give you 5 tips for burning!

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An increasing part of the application process is done digitally. The current situation has accelerated this development. Applying online has been going on for much longer. Sending application emails, resumes and online assessments were already common. However, applying digitally continues to evolve. Video calling via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts is increasingly common in the first, second and third application rounds. We are happy to give you a number of tips so that you can burn during your online job interview.

Tip 1: Make sure your technique works

Technical problems during online application are very distracting, so that you are less able to show your qualities. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared with a charged laptop, a good internet connection and working audio and video. Do you want to be 100% sure that everything is going well? Try everything out, for example by video calling with a friend!

Tip 2: Dress to impress,

Dress as you would for a physical job interview. By the way, did you know that 'dress to impress'works both ways? With a well-cared-for outfit you not only impress others but also yourself and this ensures that you enter the conversation with confidence! 😉

Tip 3: Choose your best angle!

A big advantage of applying online is that you have the opportunity to see yourself in advance. In many apps you can check in advance what you look like in the picture, otherwise you can of course also use your own camera to test this. Pro tip: make sure your arms are in the picture, so you come across as proactive!

Tip 4: Choose the right environment

Have the conversation mainly in an environment that feels good to you. Sit in a tidy and quiet environment, tell your roommates that you are having a job interview, and move your pet to a different room for a while. This way you can conduct your job interview undisturbed! We have already done so before a blog written about a good and feasible home workplace!

Tip 5: Turn off everything you don't need!

Background notifications are distracting, so turn off apps that can distract you and set your phone to do not disturb so you're fully focused on the conversation!

Now you think I'm looking for a job and ready to pop in an online job interview?

Download the PlaytoWork app now and maybe these tips will help you get a job!

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