Apply online? We give you 5 tips for burning!

An increasing part of the application process is done digitally. The current situation has accelerated this development. Applying online has been happening for much longer. Sending application emails, resumes and online assessments were already common. However, applying digitally continues to evolve. Video calling via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts comes with the first, second and […]

From MBO to HBO, a growth in the number of students

After obtaining an MBO diploma, students have the choice to start on the labor market or to continue studying. For the sixth year in a row, the number of students transferring from MBO to HBO has grown. It is a long-term trend that continues. In the current academic year 2020/2021, the record number is […]

Tackle discrimination in the labor market

Amsterdam wants to tackle discrimination in the labor market and has started the Mystery Guest project. The project focuses on tackling labor market discrimination. As a municipal employer, Amsterdam itself wants to set a good example. Inclusive work culture The municipality wants to create awareness for an inclusive work culture and investigate whether there can be a quality mark for inclusive […]

Labor market developments, the main findings

Developments in the labor market, the main findings COVID-19 has an enormous impact on the labor market. Never before have there been more radical developments on the labor market in one year than in 2020. Yacht wrote about this development and we collected the most important findings. Changing jobs The impact of COVID-19 differs per sector. The call for job-job transition is […]

Soft skill matching will conquer the labor market in 2021

Soft skill matching will conquer the labor market in 2021 The last decades have seen major changes in recruitment due to the influence of digitization and AI. Where hard skills were used as a measure of suitability, soft skills are increasingly given priority. This was caused by the shrinking workforce, resulting in mismatching in the labor market. To […]

Collaborate with influencers with stricter media law

Collaborating with influencers with stricter media law Influencers can no longer be ignored in today's society. It is a dream job for many, making money by promoting brands on social media and offering a discount code to followers. With the large reach, it is also lucrative for companies and they like to do […]

Technical personnel wanted

Technical personnel sought, about the shortage of employees Technical personnel are sought throughout the Netherlands. Currently, the shortage of technical workers has risen to as many as 20.000 job seekers. Currently, 150.000 people already work in this sector, but the shortage will double in the coming years, according to Doeke Tersptra, chairman of Techniek Nederland. European ambitions […]

MBO education is in trouble

The MBO council is sounding the alarm, because of the corona crisis, MBO education is in trouble this school year and possibly in the years after. Internships were already extremely difficult for students to find before the crisis, but especially now. In addition, online lessons do not work for most MBO studies, given the […]

Generation Z delivers long-term success

Generation Z delivers long-term success Generation Z, the younger generation that carries the stereotype of not working and not studying. Despite the fact that many people go along with this, this is totally misplaced. On the contrary, Generation Z delivers success through a potential addition that every business should recognize and exploit. In this […]

Looking for the ultimate part-time job? - 4 tips

The ultimate side job, how do you find it? With your MBO education you work on income for the future. But how are you going to pay the costs for now? When you have time to spare in the week, it is a good idea to look for a side job. You can now go in many directions, therefore […]

A good, feasible home workplace

What does your home workplace look like? Do you have a good office chair, are you often distracted or do you look at your laptop with your back bent? We have to work from home again. Where many companies have already quietly let their employees come back to the office, this will really be different in the next 3 weeks. PlaytoWork gives you […]

Millennials & Generation Z in Vogue

Millennials & Generation Z in Vogue The generation gap is nothing new, but there is more and more positive attention for it. Vogue magazine will publish an edition with young people on the cover in October. This does not show celebrities or models, but real students from the Bijlmer in Amsterdam. They chose Generation Z in Vogue […]

Writing vacancies, creative tips and examples

Write vacancies, here's the golden tip: Better to steal well than badly conceive. It has been difficult for a long time to distinguish yourself from all other companies online, especially when it comes to vacancies and the texts that come with them. The standard tips for writing a vacancy are all over […]

Tight labor market, will it return?

Tight labor market, will it return? Tight labor market, that term came back several times in 2019 and early 2020. This means that there are more jobs than jobseekers and that the vacancies are therefore not filled. Until March 2020. Almost all companies have been affected this year, vacancies have been scrapped and in the worst […]

Making an impact by being different

Making impact by being different Every company aspires to make an impact, but making an impact is taking risks. Many companies prefer to watch, while others take the plunge. PlaytoWork is such a company that takes risks, we simply make an impact by being different. How we make an impact can be explained to […]

Apply for Whatsapp; the new job application

Apply for Whatsapp; the new job application? Where previously WhatsApp was only used to keep in touch with others, the medium is also increasingly used for job applications. Applying for Whatsapp is an emerging trend and fits well with the digital generation Z and millennials. Due to the positive reactions from the employer and the candidate, Whatsapp is […]

Little confidence in the labor market

Little confidence in the labor market The Corona crisis has not only cost many people their jobs, but has also resulted in little confidence in the labor market. Research by PageGroup has shown that confidence in the current labor market has not been so low among jobseekers since 2016. Where does this mistrust come from? Panic […]

Retraining in the right direction

Retraining in the right direction Retraining is something that many people think about, especially since the corona crisis has made many people unemployed. With a crisis, there are often the same jobs that are at risk, but there is almost never talk of jobs that are reasonably safe. That's why PlaytoWork has collected these. Very handy […]

Working from home tips - 7 motivational tips for working from home

The new normal. A sentence that you have already read a lot. One of the things that certainly falls under this is working from home. One has completely adopted working from home, while the other can be found regularly at the office. We know that not everyone has the opportunity to work from home, but if […]

More and more women in technology

More and more women in technology Technology used to be a stereotypical men's world, but nowadays more and more women can be found in technology. Times have changed. Where in the past opted for a job in health care, education or a socio-cultural profession, more and more women are taking a technical study. […]

Matching soft skills on the labor market

Soft skills replace application letters Application letters are a thing of the past, the new trends is matching soft skills on the labor market. You get to know yourself through soft skills and you can make better choices, because something nice that you like does not have to suit you. In addition to giving the candidate insight into himself, it also provides […]

Young entrepreneurs are the future

Young entrepreneurs are the future Starting a business is a big step, especially for young entrepreneurs. Stretching initial capital, creating a business plan, and attracting the first customers can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are nice alternatives to help young entrepreneurs start their business, for example the […]

MBO courses with the greatest job opportunity

MBO courses with the greatest job opportunity It is always difficult to choose which course suits you, there is simply a lot. It is important that you choose something that you like, but it is also important that you can find work in it. PlaytoWork lists for you; what […]

The role of the government in the corona crisis; altruistic sponsor or client?

Of course it is nice that we live in one of the richest countries in Europe (CBS, 2014). A country where the government steps in in an almost altruistic way, mixed of course with just as much self-interest, and helps citizens, companies and self-employed people in a way that will make it to the history books like the Marshall Plan. For example (see for details […]

Beyond the corona shame; the corona crisis as an opportunity or duty to think countercyclical as an entrepreneur?

How would they have fared? The countercyclical entrepreneurs and consumers from the previous crises? And were they brave or shameless? Social or anti-social? As a consumer I try to behave properly without being naive. Act like people are watching and I am alone. So be one of those crazy people who don't […]

From shortages on the labor market and large shortages to such surpluses that candidates splash about the baseboards; are we adaptive enough?

Within the world of recruitment, we have moved very quickly from one extreme to the other in some sectors in recent days. Technicians - certainly at MBO-4 level - were even difficult for us to reach or opted for the self-employed person to earn a lot more money in a short time, for example. […]

So many people in the park: I'm worried! Not about our health, but about the economy.

Just like for many people - how many are there actually? - who work in tech companies, it is not very special for us at PlaytoWork to work from home. It goes without saying that we do this now more than ever, because some of our customers, including those in the hospitality industry and hospitality, have their vacancies for understandable reasons […]

Recruiting innovative and creative MBO staff for (temporary) jobs in times of the corona virus.

It seems like an eternity, but it has actually only been reality for a few days. The economy is tremendously affected by the corona virus. For a few days now, measures to contain the danger have brought our country to a standstill. Schools are closed and people work from home. All MBO institutions have also closed their doors. More than […]

Online job interview via skype, facetime or zoom - 6 tips

Now that many people work from home, there is a good chance that your interview will take place via an online video connection. That can be very exciting. Anyone who ever calls video knows that it can be fun, but also very uncomfortable. That is why we have a number of tips with which you can participate in the interview […]

MBO studies with the highest hourly wages

It is often thought that you have to learn to earn a high hourly wage after your studies. This is not true, read the blog and discover the MBO studies with the highest hourly wages.

The salary gap between MBO and higher educated people

The salary gap between MBO and higher educated people is increasing. National Salary Survey, by Intermediair and Nyenrode Business University.

Day of the MBO

Monday November 18 is MBO Day! During this day, extensive attention is paid to secondary vocational education.

Why do so many MBO vacancies remain unfilled?

MBO students have difficulty finding jobs, while employers are looking for them hard. Why do so many MBO vacancies remain unfilled?

Is a career test appropriate today?

Career test, type it in on Google and you will get 5320 results. Lots of tests to choose, but it's important to check how reliable they are

Cherish the basis of the labor market and improve the opportunities for MBO students - FD opinion piece

Cherish the basis of the labor market and improve the opportunities for MBO students. About that strange labor market that continues to focus on the higher educated.

The highest paid MBO jobs

A blog about the highest paid MBO jobs. Can you continue learning or get to work? Also find the latest way of applying here.

PlaytoWork nominated for the KVK innovation top 100

On Thursday, June 27, the 100 nominees for the KVK innovation top 100 were announced in Utrecht. We are proud to announce that of the 400 registrations PlaytoWork has been nominated! The KVK innovation top 100 is the most important innovation prize of the year. Small and medium-sized businesses compete every year for a place […]

Expertise point LOB mentioned PlaytoWork

PlaytoWork is a tool that helps young people gain insight into themselves. Who you are and thus making conscious and more appropriate choices for study, work or internship is extremely relevant. That is why the app is perfect for the Career Orientation and Counseling (CEG) program within secondary and MBO education. The guidance of the school is aimed at […]

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