Play & Learn

With Play & Learn we discover in two to four weeks which profiles match your search query and how great the potential is. With this information we make the PlaytoWork Scorecard. A PlaytoWork advisor will visit you to discuss the Scorecard and which tactics we will use to solve your challenge.

How does it work?


You can arrange an intake via our website within 5 minutes. Then one of our recruiters will contact you about the special soft skill profile with which we set up our matching module.

Play & Learn

We will test your search assignment in our platform over a period of two to four weeks. Candidates match for your vacancy and receive a push notification on their mobile phone. Match new candidates after playing the introductory games.

Score card

We will personally visit you with an extensive score card. Here we evaluate the Play & Learn phase and you get a target group analysis. Together we look at how many candidates you have already spoken and hired and whether we can possibly offer more help in your search for suitable personnel.

    • Search command in the app
    • Intake with recruitment team
    • Play & Learn report (basic)
    • Evaluation after 4 weeks
    • -
    299 /Month
    • Search command in the app
    • Intake with recruitment team
    • Play & Learn report (Advanced)
    • And more...
    • Excl. Fee per hire


Do I really get all this for only € 99?

Yes, you will receive the Play & Learn phase for an introductory price of € 99.

How many matches can I expect?

Our total database consists of more than 60.000 MBO students. The number of matches on your search depends on your search criteria. Our recruiter will personally go through this with you during the intake.

What if my vacancy is already filled within the trial month?

Super! Your vacancy has been filled. We have a happy candidate and you a new staff member. Win win!

We will then look together to see whether your needs are met or whether we can do even more for you.

How do I receive the applicants?

The applicants arrive directly at you via telephone, WhatsApp or email.

What does the fee per hire include?

If you are satisfied with one of our candidates and want to hire them, we charge a fee to hire. This only happens after the applicant has gone through the entire application procedure and starts working at the company. We will clearly agree with you in advance the amount of this fee.

Which companies preceded me?

Many companies have already preceded you, including: Alliander, EY, Jumpsquare, HotNetworkz, Kwantum, NS, Vattenfall ...

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