PlaytoWork MBO knowledge center

PlaytoWork MBO knowledge center

Welcome to the PlaytoWork MBO knowledge center! Here you can easily find answers to all your work, school or corona related MBO questions.

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MBO answers questions in the PlaytoWork knowledge center

At PlaytoWork we often receive various MBO questions. To reduce search time so that you can do something useful with your time, we have therefore set up the PlaytoWork MBO knowledge center especially for all your MBO questions. Work, school, but also corona are frequently sought-after topics that we have collected a lot of information about in our knowledge center.

  • School questions: all updates about secondary vocational education, our school blogs, but also websites to important information.
  • Work questions: all updates about the field, Blogs with work updates and important websites.
  • Ask Corona: all updates regarding the corona measures, blogs, as well as websites with important information.

Do you have a question that is not listed? Leave a message in the chat and we will answer your MBO question as soon as possible!

What is PlaytoWork

PlaytoWork is a gamified job placement platform, simply put an app on which you play games and are matched on jobs that suit your personality! We have been helping MBO graduates find a great job since 2016. We don't believe in cover letters, we believe in your personality. So we made an app with which we compile your “cover letter” by playing “serious games”.

Are you looking for the best technical MBO vacancies? Then look here and no further because we have collected them for you!

PlaytoWork works together with very nice companies that are looking for you! So if you are curious about your insight into yourself or which jobs you match, download our free app below!

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