Gaming for a more suitable training or internship!

Would you like to find a good job or internship quickly and easily or quickly find a job that also matches the personality of our young MBO students? However well ROCs train their students, the connection to the labor market remains a major theme, no matter how well ROCs train their students professionally. An extraordinarily big challenge for both the students themselves and the Netherlands for employment. Employers often cannot find MBO students and there is a major mismatch in the labor market.

How does it work?


PlaytoWork has developed a gamified job placement platform. There, MBO students are challenged in a playful, exciting, educational and recognizable way to profile themselves and position themselves in the labor market through serious gaming. By actively experiencing and learning by doing, the students build a profile in an interactive, creative and innovative way. They gain insight into questions such as: 'Who am I?', 'What do I want?' and 'What can I do?'.

Social enterprise PlaytoWork helps your institution and students to fill in the curriculum on CEG and BPV with workshops and the free use of the app.

PlaytoWork connects education and the labor market in a new and fun way. Good for the ROC, teachers and students.

Would you like to know more about the opportunities that PlaytoWork offers? Do not hesitate to contact us. Your ROC and your students deserve it.

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Your own PlaytoSchool app in the Google and Apple app stores. Easy to download for (future) students.

Play serious games

Play the games and gain insight into who you are.

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Because the app only shows the courses that really suit the student


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The app only shows the courses offered at your school.

New spell

Play more serious games and build an even richer profile.

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  • "Why get a cover letter from Google, if you can just play games"

    Quincy Found a job through PlaytoWork
  • “From a social responsibility point of view, I find it interesting and important to support these kinds of initiatives and make them meaningful to as many target groups as possible.

    Ronald Wilcke
  • "For me PlaytoWork is the initiative in the labor market for graduated professionals."

    Bart de Ridder
    Bart de Ridder YoungWorks


serious games

and gain insight into yourself.

Each game has a short explanation and after the explanation you play the game. Each game lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, so you can work on your profile in between daily activities.

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