Soft skill matching will conquer the labor market in 2021

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Soft skill matching will conquer the labor market in 2021

In recent decades, major changes have taken place within recruitment due to the influence of digitization and AI. Where hard skills were used as a measure of suitability, soft skills are increasingly given priority. This was caused by the shrinking working population, resulting in mismatching in the labor market. To avoid a mismatch, employers are increasingly inclined towards multi-skilled employees demonstrated by soft skills. This trend will also continue steadily in the coming year. In short, soft skill matching will conquer the labor market in 2021. 

Online recruitment

Working from home has become the new norm since the outbreak of the pandemic, but job applications have also been heavily influenced by this. Measures forced a shift from physical applications to virtual applications. Recruitment has undergone accelerated digitization and can now be called online recruitment. Despite its efficiency, it is still difficult to measure a person's suitability based on their resume, even virtually. The emergence of soft skill matching is increasingly being applied in online recruitment to prevent mismatches.

soft skill matching

Agility through soft skill matching 

Living in a rapidly changing society requires agility from companies, but also from their employees. Especially in economically unpredictable times, it is crucial to recruit soft skills instead of hard skills. Soft skill matching offers the possibility to show which applicants have communication skills, can work well together within your team and have problem-solving skills, which creates agility for the company. This is of course also possible on other soft skills that are important for your organization. 

Experience is not a leading factor 

It is well known at PlaytoWork that experience is not a leading factor for a candidate's success. Florida State University professor Chad H. Van Iddenkinge's research serves as evidence for this view. His research has shown that experience only plays a role in the start of the new employee's career. He found that: "Even if people came from exactly the same professional field, and thus had years of experience, they never ended up doing better in the long run than other less experienced workers." 

soft skill matching


Thinking about someone's personality and matching it with the job is much more valuable in his opinion. If the drivers are known, they can serve to motivate the employees, which in turn increases productivity. But a candidate is also more loyal because of the match as there is a good connection.

Possibility to match on job profile 

By matching on soft skills, patterns can be discovered that people do not always notice. These patterns can serve as a higher chance of success in finding the right candidate. Max Boodie founder of PlaytoWork: “The PlaytoWork assessments are based on the annex model, with which soft skills of app users can be directly matched to job profiles in the app. This gives customers insight into which candidate best suits the job, but also how they would function within a team. ”

Appropriate MBO intern

In conclusion, these are the main reasons why you should move from a tunnel vision of hard skills to acceptance for soft skills. Soft skill matching will conquer the labor market in 2021 and you don't want to be excluded. 

Specialization in soft skill matching 

With PlaytoWork we have been matching our app players with their soft skills since its foundation in 2016. They play the games in the app, after which the results form a soft skill profile. This profile gives it better insight into itself, but it is also automatically matched with vacancies that are open in the app. If the player's profile matches the soft skill requirements in the job opening, they can easily contact the recruiters at PlaytoWork to apply for the job. The recruiter keeps close contact with the company in order to achieve a match on both sides.

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