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PlaytoWork goes beyond standard vacancy apps. With the PlaytoWork app you play games (serious games). With this you build up your own profile, with insight into your personality and skills.

With this profile you will then discover suitable MBO vacancies. You can respond quickly and easily to jobs with which you form a match by telephone, email or WhatsApp.

In most vacancy apps you scroll endlessly through lists of vacancies. Not at PlaytoWork. The PlaytoWork app gives you a fun way to gain insight into your skills and characteristics. These characteristics form the basis of your profile, with which you can discover cool jobs.

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Serious games,

find a job

and gain insight into yourself.

Apply in a traditional way with a motivation letter and CV? That must be possible! You can apply in a modern way through the PlaytoWork app. You play short serious games via your smartphone, after which you can easily get in touch with interesting employers, for example via WhatsApp.

Each game has a short explanation and after this explanation you play the game. Each game lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. This way you can work on your profile between your daily activities. No other job app or website makes it so easy for you!

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Why do so many MBO vacancies remain unfilled?
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Game yourself to one


Are you looking for a job, part-time job or internship and you are in MBO? But how do you know what you really want and what you really stand for? From the stories of friends, acquaintances and family? From your internship? Exactly. You can use a little help to find the right job. Want to know more?

Download the PlaytoWork app!

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